About Us

OriginIn 2008, the world economy was devastated by the financial crisis, and a large number of families were torn apart every day around the world. It was in this difficult environment that Voguecarpenter was born in a garage in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. And our initial team only had 3 people, and we only had simple tables for customers.


In 2020, after 12 years of development, we now have an elite team of more than 100 people. Our products have also involved various furniture and home decorations, including desks, tables, lockers, folding shelves, wallpaper, Kitchen tools, daily necessities, etc.

2020 is one of the darkest years in human history. In this year, we lost basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, and we lost Maradona, one of the world's top players. The new crown virus ravages the world, and people around the world are constantly being killed by the new crown virus. In 2020, we have already experienced too much pain, maybe only then did we realize how happy it is to have a warm and comfortable home.


In 2020, the world economy will be deeply affected by the new crown virus epidemic, and our offline business will also suffer. Therefore, in order to better provide our products and services to global customers, we have decided to serve global customers through a network platform.

Do you want the house you live in to be warm, romantic and stylish? Do you want your friends to marvel at the ingenious layout and beautiful decoration of your house? Come and shop at voguecarpenter.com. We sincerely hope that every family in the world can have a beautiful home. This is the original intention of our company and also our core vision.


2020 is about to pass, and the world will eventually break through the darkness. May the world be reborn from the ashes, and the sun will illuminate others. voguecarpenter.com is willing to cooperate with customers to build a beautiful home and move towards happiness.

If our existing products cannot meet your needs, please contact us directly and tell us your specific product requirements. We will do our best to meet your requirements and provide you with satisfactory products.

No matter what style you want the house to become, we are always ready to serve you. It will be our highest honor to provide you with high-quality products and help you build a unique home.