Kitchen Sticker Backsplash Wall Paper Oil Proof Silver Self-Adhesive Protective Sticker with The Texture of Orange Peel, 15.7X118.1 inches


About this item

  • Kitchen Sticker🍊EASY TO CLEAN🍊 – It is made of smooth aluminum foil, so easily wipe off liquid spills, dust, or any food stain. Meanwhile, it also has the texture of orange peel, which can prevent the liquid from flowing freely, giving time for cleaning
  • Kitchen Sticker🍊ROTECTIVE & RESISTANT🍊 – Flexible yet strong aluminum material that protects your painted wall and tile grout from nasty super hot oil spills and backsplash. Your kitchen always safe and clean
  • Kitchen Sticker🍊EASY TO APPLY AND CUT🍊 – Peel and stick auto adhesive system with smart glue that leaves no residues after removal. Strong adherence, zero residues. And there are grid lines on the back for easy clipping
  • Kitchen Sticker🍊VERSATILE🍊 -One roll, lots of fits at home! Use it in your kitchen/drawer/cabinet/cupboard to keep it clean and moistureproof.
  • Kitchen Sticker🍊DECORATIVE🍊–Beautiful silvery anti-slip pattern that adds your walls a touch of personality.

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